Tim Moore


Cloverdale, OR


Photography has always been a part of my life. My parents loved to take pictures. I was fortunate to be able to use their basement darkroom to develop some of my earliest pictures. I think my parents would be amazed at the advancements in photography over the past 50 years, especially with the advent of digital photography. No more messy chemicals, no more stumbling around in the darkroom.

Today, I have retired from working in financial institutions and now enjoy getting out and seeing the outdoors. Travels takes us to Oregon, Washington, California, British Columbia, Alaska and beyond. I enjoy capturing wildlife on the camera, so others may see the beauty of our natural world.

Moore Northwest Images was started to showcase the best of my photography. From time to time, exhibits of my work may be seen at various locations in western Oregon. Please visit my website at for more information and photos.


Purple Tide Pool by Tim Moore


Pacific Late Night Lights by Tim Moore


Harbor Seals Awake by Tim Moore


Yaquina Head by Tim Moore


Point No Point Lighthouse by Tim Moore


Sharing by Tim Moore


Forked Horn by Tim Moore


Barred Perch by Tim Moore


Owl Gaze by Tim Moore


New Mexico Antelope by Tim Moore


Oswald West from Cape Falcon by Tim Moore


Ruffed Grouse by Tim Moore


Sitka Columbine by Tim Moore


Tillamook Forest Tiger Lily by Tim Moore


View from the Saddle by Tim Moore


Lupine with a Bumble Bee by Tim Moore


Coast Range Fawn Lily by Tim Moore


Ninebark by Tim Moore


Saddle Mountain by Tim Moore


Wilson River and Kings Mountain by Tim Moore


Wilson River Confluence by Tim Moore


Red-bellied Woodpecker by Tim Moore


Mexican Bird of Paradise by Tim Moore


Texas Black Swallowtail by Tim Moore


Western Box Turtle by Tim Moore